From once being the maverick newcomer Social Media is now considered mainstream. We love it because you can target drilled-down distinct audiences by demographics and it's both measurable and accountable.

Our expertise is identifying the channels most relevant to your audiences and putting them to work within an integrated media strategy.


Credibly brand standards compliant users without extensible services.


Credibly brand standards compliant users without extensible services.


Credibly brand standards compliant users without extensible services.


Credibly brand standards compliant users without extensible services.

Social Currency

We’re extremely social. We know how your customers engage on Facebook. What will earn a reTweet on Twitter. And we’re up to all the latest shenanigans on the likes of LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram.

One client enjoyed a 2000% increase in online engagement in the first two months alone.

We call that 100% successful.

Online Display

Visible, effective and cost effective. Online Display is a no-brainer. The real question is what’s the best strategy for your business. Is it about awareness? Is it about engagement and conversion through retargeting customers?

The trick is to make the right choices for your business. And that’s a trick we’ve helped many clients perform with a killer mix of strategic media planning and irresistible creative.

Digital Planning

Do you know who your target customers really are? How they behave? Where they spend their time (online and offline)? And how and when they interact with the web?

Cue digital planning. We’ll look at all the questions above and turn them into answers.

We’ll help nail that compelling proposition, create that effortless-to-use information architecture, and bag that conversion you were looking for.

User Xperience

Funny thing about user experience: you tend not to notice when it’s good; you can’t fail to notice when it’s bad.

Every digital project at the Lane starts with this fundamental discipline.

We’ll study the traits and motivations of your target customers and build an information architecture aligned to their needs.

And if your budget allows, we test our work with actual users. So your site is never testing for actual visitors.

Facebook Pixel Marketing

With Facebook Pixel Marketing you’ve only got seconds to live. One touch of a delete button and you’re history.

On the other hand, a well planned, creatively crafted and expertly executed email campaign can generate real and measurable results and click-throughs that can be counted.

We plan, design, test and perfect every campaign. So your messages are stuck in people’s minds, not trash.

Query Handling

Dealing with feedbacks online has been regarded as a bit of a dark art. But we don’t make it a mystery. Our job is to deliver a measurable result and we’ll tell you how we intend to get it.

Understanding how queries and feedback works, emotional mindsets, behavioural patterns, maximising your transparency performance and delivering great results is what we do.

We're not soft, we just know how to handle objections in a positive way. Our job is to love all your haters in a way that makes them loyal customers.