Our Belief.

If mathematics have taught us one thing, it is that no matter the problem, there is always a solution.

We got stuff you don’t even know about.  We’re so lean you can see those weird muscles you never knew existed. Our favourite clouds are greenish black Cumulonimbus. If we could get a hold of some cobra blood we would drink it. We wish we were born to Viking parents in the days of yore. We fall somewhere between war lords and Lords of Dance. We eat beef jerky sandwiches.  We’re fearless. We talk about steaks in reverent, hushed tones.  We like caterpillars that keep it real and don’t turn into butterflies. We know sarcasm is the lowest form of humour but we still think it’s funny.  We would pay good money to see a bear fight a shark.  We won’t watch a movie that doesn’t have at least one explosion. We think the worst and coolest form of advertising is a giant purple gorilla. We are… One Of My Pals. OOMP, THERE IT IS! 

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Our Vision.

We like to help and work out solutions from the ground up. A website refresh just might be the catalyst that unlock the potential of your business message. A design done with fresh eyes and serious dialogue about the business direction and outcomes.