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You know that fab feeling you get when you and your favourite sports team is winning? That uplifting Oomph feeling! When you add flair and creativity sprinkled with some marketing stardust, then you get the OOMP factor. OOMP simply means One Of My Pals. A reflection of our friendly and collaborative core. Now you know!  😉

We draw, we paint, we design, we brand, we market…especially marketing on social media.

You name it, we design it.

Cost is only  byproduct of what you require. Come in for a cup of tea or coffee and let us first hear what you wish to accomplish. Find out even if you require a website in the first place.

Whatever you do, become a pal and talk to us. We love to help! And in our experience, its never as expensive as you think it would be.

We have done a super fast 72-Hour turnaround for a cake shop project! We would give an estimate of 3-6 weeks for most of our projects. Logos can be done in 72 hours or less.


Not only would we build you a great website, we also give you a whopping 6 months free maintenance. In some cases we give 12 months free maintenance and updates. Speak to your OOMP consultant about this.